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May 8th, 2008, 01:18 AM
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SO at our last visit I told her I can't afford her for a home birth, but we are still going to see each other for normal visits. Anyway at this last one she did an internal and she did the perineal massage to be sure I knew what it was and everything and it was just super uncomfortable and sure at some points I could get squirmy. Well anyways when she emails me later she said this...

Heather.... it is truly best that you are in the hospital as you are sensitive to pain and being touched.[/b]

What the heck does that have to do with a home birth VS hospital birth!?!? I'm going to be in severe pain no matter WHERE I freaking labor, and I'm going to be sensitive and really uncomfortable and TOUCHED EVEN *MORE* AT THE HOSPITAL so what the heck? Now, I'm just like WTH about this! I mean she *knows* my wants and feelings and the fact that she says something like this makes me think she's implying I'm going to NEED drugs or something. It pissed me offffff! I''m NOT Going to freaking use drugs if it kills me, and I'm sick of everyone telling me my 'choice to have a hospital birth is best so I can be closer to the drugs' or some bullcrap. I've actually had people say that to me already.

Her statement just completely put me off.... I wouldn't have bothered at all if I wasn't taking all this seriously, and I don't think she cares that I can't have the birth that I want, just because I'm "sensitive." I just really feel like she crossed a line with that! I mean am I pulling things outta my butt or am I making sense here?

On the bright side, I might be getting the most PERFECT doula I could ever ask for, but she's outta town and won't commit or not until she gets back around the 20th so cross your fingers for me ladies! I MUST make it to full term and have her!

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