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May 8th, 2008, 01:25 AM
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I've had credit for over a year now but since our move I had a hard time paying on time until we got the net, so I can't imagine how good it is right now. My husband JUST got approved for his first card like a couple months ago and he can't even be approved for our bank's credit card. Nobody will co-sign and I can't get a credit line higher than 1,000 and I already closed that account out anyway, and that isn't even half of what we need.

With that said, we've already told my midwife that we won't be doing a homebirth. If it was a matter of choice I'd just find someone else, but EVERY single midwife here charges $3,000 minimum. I stressed and got mini depressed over it and decided it was best for me at this point to just admit defeat and NOT let myself STRESS. I hope I did the right thing though

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