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May 8th, 2008, 08:16 AM
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I hear you about those red flags, I guess I just figured I'd endure them regardless. But, I HAD to drop her we can't afford it. I was really upset about it for a while but I'm just trying to think of it as not meant to be right now.. *sigh* She doesn't make it any frickin easier. The way I see it, if this was truly her passion she would want to bend over backwards to cater to her ladies.. It's just not fair that I have to miss out on what I truly wanted and thought was best just because I can't get anyone to WORK with me!

I'm so glad you said that about those massages, because I really didn't want to do them! I didn't even buy the right kinda veggie oil to do it with Doesn't it provide the same "benefit" to just to kegals or whatever they're called? I've been trying to remember to do those. She's just stressing the perineal massage because apparently the docs on this island are very cut-happy.. I don't want an episiotomy!

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