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February 14th, 2005, 05:34 PM
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I am having a lot of cramping tonight. I am really feeling panicky. It is hard for me to tell normal pelvic pregnancy type symptoms from miscarriage symptoms. All of my pregnancies have felt the same in the beginning. I have been peeing nonstop so I kind of think thats a good thing. Thats a sign of being pregnant right? That may be why I am feeling so crampy. I drank an extra couple glasses of water tonight which may be making me need to go to the bathroom even more. Its night time so I am not calling my doctor. Its not like he can do anything for me really. I am not spotting or anything but I am just worried. I tried to lay down but I can't sleep. I will probably go lay on the couch. I just wish the next couple weeks would hurry up and pass by. I hate worrying so much.

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