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December 5th, 2005, 02:56 PM
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I was due on the 20th and since 30 weeks i was gestational diabetic , to add my first born was 8lbs 13oz, so doc was worried i might have a very large one, so anywho i was told i would be induced a week before DD, so that week came and went and still no baby , well the 20th at about 9pm i was having braxton's as usual , then all of a sudden i was having stronger pain every 5 mins exactly for an hour, so i took a shower, call my doctor, he said just wait 2 hours or so and if it keeps up then go ahead and go. so i waited cuz i was scared , with first i was induced as well.. well i was to be induced the 21st, so i went ahead and went and got there in pain, and i was desperate for my EPIDURAL, but i was told no not until you station and CM changes from your last doc visit, so i waited in pain for about 3 hours and finally i begged the nurse for anything she could give , got a dose of demerol and out like a light for about an hour, woke up and contractions were out of this world , thank god the nurses changing shifts because the new nurse came in and chatted but saw i was in so much pain , she called the EPIDURAL lady and i got it at about 6am i think, well after a boring labor in the bed at 5:24pm my Tanner Boo was here at 9lbs 15 oz..
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