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May 12th, 2008, 03:14 PM
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I found out I was pregnant in March 2005, it was a shock and a blessing!! My first doctors appoinment was April 1st and pregnany was confirmed, had a ultrasound I was 8w1d..and my little baby was beautiful. I was given a due date of November 16th.

On July 2nd I was 21 weeks along and having mild cramping, backache..which I though was a kidney infection. I had a bloody discharge, and paged the doctor several times, with no answer..I left for L&D with a friend, the bleeding was not bad..but it was there..and scary. They could not find babys heartbeat due to maternal size..Im large. And the contraction belts wernt low enough to feel my contractions..that I found out later I was having.

They found the HB and sent me home with a UTI...I was relived. Hour or two later the pain was unbearable..I could not talk through it..walk through it..I went into the restroom..and thought I was water broke...Husband and I rushed to the hospital..paging the doctor over and over ....when I stood up the hemoraging started blood coverd me waist down..they rushed me son was born 6 mins later..his heart beat until he went into the birth canal...then we lost him. 16oz..10.5 inches long. He was beautiful and I was broken.
It took me almost three years to begin to feel whole agian..and now..Im 16 wks pregnant..and terrified...please pray...
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