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May 13th, 2008, 09:57 AM
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I just posted an intro at the welcome center, but here is where I belong at the moment. After trying 2 years unsuccessfully TC, we decided to go to a fertility specialist. It seems the my DH has retarded sperm (his words not mine) that can't seem to stop for directions or figure out how to cover the distance. We then decided to go with donor insemination so the baby would at least be half mine. We got pregnant on the 2nd attempt without Clomid. We were estatic to say the least. We found out at our 16 week u/s that we were having a girl, Kairi Sage. Shortly after the u/s though, I started spotting and/or bleeding at times. I talked to the doctor's several times about this so they sent me to a Perinatologist. I had ruptured some vessels on the top of my placenta and they said it wasn't cause to worry, I just had to let it heal over on its own. But, the bleeding worsen and I was observed in the hospital twice and sent home. On May 2nd, I woke with severe abdominal pain in the area of my previous c/s scar. I was sent in the Dr office and they decided to admit to the hospital to get me off my feet and try to control the bleeding. They didn't seem overly concerned at the time and told me that the Perinatologist would be in to see me on Saturday morning.
Well, that seemed to not be good enough, my placenta fully abrupted and my angel was born sleeping at 1:21am on May 3rd at 20w 1d. The pain is still quite raw and my shrink has put me into a drug induced fog, so I'm sorry if I'm babbling.

Thank you all for listening to my story,

tai&kairi's mom

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