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May 13th, 2008, 04:13 PM
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Hi! I am currently NOT trying to conceive but figured you ladies might be able to help me. My daughter Leila is 5 months old and we nurse on demand round the clock. Ol' AF has visited now twice(start 3-22 and 4-26 both normal AF). During the 4-26 AF visit(TMI, I know ) my boyfriend and I DTD unprotected several times. Why, I do not know...

Anyway over the last week or so I have noticed my breasts are darker(weird because I am still BF)and I am sooooo unbelievably moody. So I suppose what I am trying to ask you is if you think it is possible that I O'ed during my AF? I don't want to go waste a test until I miss or am late and anyway I have never had a HPT come back positive.

So is it possible that I ovulated during AF? TIA!

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