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May 13th, 2008, 05:18 PM
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My little guy, Corben, is 2 months old. He was born at 38 weeks at 7lbs 4oz but lost over a pound in those 1st few days and has gained really slowly since. We've been in for weight checks nearly ever week and at his last one, he was actually down an oz, to 8lb 6oz. He's my 3rd and his sisters were both similar birth weights and about 11 pounds by 2 months old.

I am breastfeeding and pumping as often as I can and giving him that in bottles with formula powder mixed in to increase it to 24 calories/oz. We've been to the lactation center many times and confirmed he is nursing well and taking in enough milk per session. When I've kept detailed records he nurses about 12 times a day, at least 20 minutes each time, and give him an extra 5-6 oz of the enriched breastmilk in bottles.

We go in later this week for a blood draw to run tests searching for a cause for his slow gain (actually the 2nd time, 1st time the lab lost the sample!). The pediatrician really seems stumped because Corben seems completely healthy otherwise and not at all fussy. Any suggestions on what I should make sure that he tests for?
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