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Would you rather.....

Have a boy or a girl for your next (could be your first) child ? well this one is a boy, so maybe a girl to have both?
Eat salty things or sweet things? salty
Have a faithful husband or a fun husband? faithful def
Trick or treat in an alligator costume or in an elvis costume? alligator baby
Have a hideous picture of you posted on the internet or a bunch of bad comments? um prob the comments
Treat your kids to ice cream because they did a good job on something or just because? good job prob
Slam your fingers in the door or have a 40 pound weight drop on your toes? fingers in the door (neither one sounds fun)
Find out the sex of your baby before you go into labor or afterwards? before!
Eat ice cream or candy? candy
Never listen to music or always have a song stuck in your head? song stuck in your head
Learn something new by listening or watching? watching
Be poor and happy or be rich and sad? poor and happy
Have hairy legs all the time or hairy armpits? legs
Watch a movie or read a book? movie
Your husband cheat on you with a female or a male? male (as gross as that is lol)
Eat nothing but pasta or nothing but chicken? pasta
Get tickled for hours or be ignored for days? tickled
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