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May 14th, 2008, 06:29 AM
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Our box man showed up yesterday with Eathan's new stuff I ordered for him! I received his ETC books and a power rangers costume he's been eye balling for MONTHS! Well I was looking through the books last night and Eathan asked if he could do some pages. He went through the first page and I wanted to make sure that he knew this stuff before we got deeper. If he needed more review I would go over it with him. Anywho, we did the first page. I've never been one to make him go in order or anything as long as he finished the page. Well, with these I want him to get used to finishing the page and going in order. I know, boring Mom! He actually took a couple of letters to get the hang of what he was supposed to be doing. We haven't been doing much in the way of phonics lately. Midway through the page it clicks and he finishes. I put a sticker on his page so that he knows he's finished and can do another page if he wants to. He takes it to Daddy to look over. Then he comes back to the couch and says can we PLAY some more!!!! I LOVE it!! I don't want him to feel like school is a chore! I like that so far after his 3 pages he enjoys the book. He also mentioned that he goes to real school now. Our house is a real school now that he has his books. He's so silly!

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