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May 14th, 2008, 08:42 AM
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Thanks ladies!

Corben hasn't ever thrown up and the only times he's spit up is after a large bottle. If these tests don't show anything and he continues not to gain much/lose I will take him to a pediatric gastroenterologist.

The thought is that he has an infection of some sort that is causing him to burn more of his calories fighting. I forgot to include in my first post, but a urine culture was done 2 weeks ago also and it showed that Corben had a UTI. After a few days on the antibiotic he was a lot more alert than normal, but now that the antibiotics are over, he's back to sleeping a lot more. We went in to the Children's hospital for a kidney and bladder ultrasound and a VCUG--both came back showing all is normal so it doesn't really make sense that he would have a UTI so now the dr is thinking maybe the sample was just contaminated.

I have no idea what it would be, but I really do think he has an infection of some sort since he was so much more alert when on the antibiotics. Although if it is an infection he may have been fighting it since he was born, because his weight gain has always been less than half of what they want.
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