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May 14th, 2008, 09:34 AM
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I knew the time was coming, but i didnt think it would come this fast!!

He has to go to Toronto for 2 weeks for some stupid course. I dont really want him to go cause i have SOOOO many thoughts going on in my mind. What if i co into labor? what if something happens to the kids? you know all those questions.

It just really sucks, cause i dont want to be alone for 2 weeks. I know i have my brother here, its just not the same. Im so used to Dwayne being in the bed....LOL..and fighting over the blankets and the side of the bed..

I just really hope that this 2 weeks goes by fast. Its going to suck being at home with the 2 boys doing everything myself...when i do need some help..

I think this course is a waste of time. Its for business. He wants to open up a tattoo shop, but theres special rules and what not he has to know before doing it all. they will help him set his business up, and get it running. We had talked about this before, and my understanding was we werent going to open up a shop till Makenna was born. Makes better sense. Cause all i can see if he does it now, theres going to be more stress then needed. but mabey i just have to let him see for himself what it will be like with a new baby!!

Sorry about the rant....My emotions are ALL over the place.....

Thanks for reading.

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