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May 14th, 2008, 10:08 AM
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I'd have the doc look more into why he's only awake to eat then. That's strange that the antibiotics would make him more alert. I can't figure that one out! I agree it sounds like an infection from that description, but you say there is nothing else wrong - no other symptoms. So it's weird!
Have they ever looked at his heart? I know that babies that don't stay awake long enough to finish their bottle they sometimes look at the heart - they did for my DD (even though she DID stay awake after eating - but she wouldnt eat enough so they looked anyway (my hubby had a heart defect so they were extra vigilant due to that)). My infant nephew has trouble staying awake long enough to eat and sleeps a lot and he does have something wrong with his heart. So that's another thing to look into (sorry, not trying to scare you - I know the entire idea is scarey!). Not sure why antibiotics would help if that was the issue though.
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