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May 14th, 2008, 12:59 PM
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New here & looking for any info or advice on FTT & low weight gain issues. I haven't had time to read through older threads yet. My son is 14 months, weight is down to 16# right now. He was 5.5# at birth. First 3 months, he ate & gained, but very fussy. Treated for reflux. Around 3 months, started slowing down on the eating, not taking bottle & not gaining enough. He is hypothryoid & takes meds for that. The refusal of bottle just got worse as he gained better motor skills. Did not take well to baby cereal & being spoon fed. We were hopeful for finger foods & while he does great with food, he does not eat enough & still doesn't drink much milk.

Spent a week in children's hospital at 6 months old. NG tube to get weight up, but no diagnosis. DRs said he is just a mystery to us. Came home with NG. We've seen peds GI, ST, and entire deveopment team at hospital where he was born. All this in addition to the entire team from hospital visit. I tried every formula. I have tried every flavor of every beverage I can find & found that nothing really clicks. If he is going to drink, then it doesn't matter what it is, he'll drink. If he doesn't want to drink, he isn't going to drink it, no matter what.

The peds GI & the developmental specialist both said they thought it was something he would outgrow. We are seeing surgeon to proceed with G-tube, but I know I still have to figure out how to get him to eat. Thank you for any advice & ideas.
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