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May 14th, 2008, 04:01 PM
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This may sound totally weird but after speaking with my main OB today, she and I are BOTH hoping for an early baby. I'm 33 and 3 today but my belly measures over 37. After my last ultrasound placing him above the 95% percentile for growth she's certain that Monday's ultrasound should reveal a similar picture.

Today she told me that i WANT to have his at 35 weeks and we should both hope really hard that I am so lucky. That at 35 weeks he should weigh more then my last 35 weeker and if we went all the way to 40 weeks she would expect him to be no less then 13 POUNDS!

If I dont go into labor spontaneous by week 36, I will have an amnio to check lung maturity. If it says he's ready they will induce immediately but if he's not ready yet, they will either schedule me for a repeat amnio the following week or if he already looks large schedule me for a csection. She knows how opposed to surgery I am, and she does not want to operate on me considering my clotting disorder and the fact that I can be a poor healer after surgery (after I had my tonsils out it took a month for me to heal, most adults are better after 2 weeks). Under normal conditions I would demand a trial of labor but my 1st DD had shoulder dystocia so they are unwilling to let me vaginally deliver if he looks close to her 9lbs 6oz.

In light of all of this, I received my last p-17 shot TODAY and have been ordered to rest up for 4 more days. Once I hit 34 weeks the hospital will not try to stop my labor and neither will she!

so uhh yeah

basically in 4 days it's no holds bar. No more resting or taking it easy. last week when my shot was 3 hours late I started having serious contractions... now I could easily go into labor next Wednesday night!!! We anticipate a NICU visit but hope it will only be brief and for observation rather then treatment. I'm totally FAH-REAKING out now!!!

edited to add. I lost 3 lbs this week so she's fairly sure my body is gearing up for labor. I am dilated more then a finger but nit quite two- she's didnt tell me specifically how much. I am not at all effaced though, which means the p-17 shots are doing their job.
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