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May 14th, 2008, 05:12 PM
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That's something I'm bugged by too! I have a friend who had her little girl eleven days ago, but she wasn't due until yesterday! They were trying to do home induction for a week before, so it obviously wasn't an emergency that they induce the labour, and then they induced a week after home tries didn't work, but she was still two weeks from being due! I don't understand why they did it!

I really like the fact that our midwives (yes, there is more than one of them... three to be exact!) don't really start suggesting induction until 41 weeks, and even then they don't panic so long as things are looking good... they just want to see you every week, lol. At 42 weeks though, they start reassessing and deciding if they feel homebirth is a possibility still, or if you need to do a hospital induction. But, at 42 weeks, I think that is a little more logical than 38 weeks!
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