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May 14th, 2008, 07:35 PM
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C'mon's that last week you get all of those ugly stretch marks!! I really think some of these DRs have gone way out of control! That was one of the first questions I asked each of my OBs was the longest they would let me go over the 40 weeks. If I would have gotten anything before 41 weeks I would have went somewhere else. I personally feel that there are few more babies that won't come out when ready than those that will! I fully understand how miserable pregnancy can be at times. I'm not one that is exactly fond of being pregnant, but I never wanted to be induced before baby was ready to come out on their own.

I do have to add that I wish I could be more natural in my very own approach to pregnancy and childbirth. DH being HIGHLY against most of it is one of my sore spots. I really can't explain with any of my experiences and I did what was best for baby first and then myself. *shrugs* I do pray that all of these unnecessary c-sections and elective c-sections disappear one day. I fully understand that there are circumstances where c-sections are necessary, but being in labor for more than 12 hours is NOT one of them in my personal opinion. There were 7 of us pregnant within close time frames of each other and 4 ended in c-section. It's just not always necessary. IMO.

Sorry, I guess I got off on a tangent.

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