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May 14th, 2008, 09:49 PM
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Wow. Sounds like you've been through it all. I'm sorry you've had to go through all that and still have no diagnosis. I'm not even sure what to suggest. Have you tried a feeding team/feeding clinic? I'm sorry I have no other advice - it seems from your post that you've already tried all the things I usually suggest! So all I can really do is say welcome and offer up some hugs....
- Xty[/b]
Well darn, here I was hoping you could solve my problems! He has seen several ST & OT's. They have said his motor skills are fine, no problems with swallowing, aspirating. GI said .... well, if he can eat pretzels, then he's not having a problem with chewing, swallowing, etc. When we were in hospital, he drank a 5 oz. bottle in 10 minutes for the OT. Not sure I know what feeding clinic is. How do I go about finding one?

As I said, I am new. Do you think it's worth my time to go back & read old topics? Do you think I'd learn anything or get any other insight? Thank you so much.

*hugs* hun. I'm not sure what to suggest either. Hopefully his doctors will be able to figure something out. 16 lbs is small for his age, but it's not unheard of either. How big are you and your husband?[/b]
We adopted him & his birth parents are not big. BM is short & 105#. BD, I think is average height & about 170#, so probably slim. Developmentally he is doing fine, so I just go back & forth wondering if I am making myslef crazy over this for no reason. My ped. has been concerned ever since about 3 months old. I think he will be small. But also, I think I need to admit to myself that he wouldn't even weigh what he does if not for the NG feeds.
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