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May 15th, 2008, 04:05 AM
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My SIL was in UT (Salem) when she has her second. The doctor tried to get her to schedule an induction starting at the first visit! I think out of sheer willpower she had that baby on her own a day early! Her first had been 11 days late and that doctor (in PA) was fine with it. Of course back in 1999 they were more willing to let things go longer. Things have changed. When I was pregnant with Ani in 2000 they wouldn't even put an induction on the schedule until 41 weeks and then it would be scheduled for 42 weeks. Those same doctors now do inductions at 40 weeks!

Ani was 6-11 at 41 weeks exactly. Cameron was 6-6 at 40w5d. Fritz was 7-13 at 41w3d. I was completely sure of my dates on all of them. Babies gain about 1/2 pound a week at the end. My babies, particularly my first two, would have been so tiny had I been induced early. Even Fritz was only one ounce bigger than average at 10 days late. Some babies just need extra time and you won't know which ones those are until they've been forced out and it's too late.

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