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May 15th, 2008, 06:27 AM
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Sounds like both parents are thin, so he'll probably be thin too. That's what I think is the cause of my DD's problems - both me and hubby are super thin.
I've never been to a feeding clinic, but I've heard about others on here going to them. They'd help with the oral aversion - you said you think he might have that. I know they work with kids and their parents on trying to get the kids to not see eating as a control issue/power struggle but instead as something enjoyable and safe. Ask you ped about one - or if he/she doesn't know - ask your ped GI doc.
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PS - I definitely think it can't hurt to go back and read old posts - you never know when there might be a small nugget of info that could help - and if nothing else it will make you feel less 'alone' when you see how the rest of us are struggling with some of the same things you've been struggling with....
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