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May 15th, 2008, 08:35 AM
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I have been having a really rough patch. I have been trying lately to not let it get to me. But today it really is. I don't know if you remember, but I fell down half a flight of stairs at work last October, and it has really done a number on me. Which is in addition to my AS. Lately my back and left side has really been killing me (this is from the fall) as well as my knees and neck being really stiff and painful (this is from my AS) so I am really struggling!

I had to file suit in my work comp case, and they still have yet to send me to another Dr since January. The court appointed an orthopedist to see me, but they have yet to actually schedule my appointment. I have had no insurance since February due to being "laid off" from the place where I fell. Tuesday was my 90 days at my new job, so I get insurance now, but she has yet to give me the paperwork to fill out... So I haven't seen a Doctor in 4 months! It is killing me. My scripts alone are running me close to $250/$300 a month!

I have been getting monster headaches that are a combination of my back/neck pain and stress I think. Yesterday was horrible. It is really making it hard to not let it effect me at work. I try really really hard not to let my pain effect my work. I don't want to be any different than any other employee. I don't like to ask for help with things like lifting or filing, but then if I don't it makes me worse and I don't do as good a job as I could. So I don't know, is it worse to ask for help and seem "weak" or just do it and struggle though the pain, even if it can end up effecting my work sometimes?? It is a difficult situation, because I work in an office of TWO people, just me and my attorney I work for (I am a paralegal for those who don't know). So I really fee silly asking an attorney to do such piddly things as filing or moving files!

I don't know, I am just blah today. Anyone have any suggestions??

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