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May 16th, 2008, 12:13 AM
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Here we go again...Im so sorry girls...I should win an award for being the biggest worrier!

I don't like to take any kind of medications at all...not even Tylenol unless I have to. Yesterday and today I have been in so much pain. I have had similiar pain to this before but it went away shortly after getting to the ER, conveniently enough. It turned out to be RLP-that's what my OB thinks. So I have taken Tylenol to help with this but it doesn't touch it. So I had to take Tylenol 3 for this.

Anyway, I have been in pain-not just ouch this hurts or is uncomfortable-but 'OMG grabbing my stomach and almost in tears' pain. It is only on my left hand side but not limited to just the lower part of the abdomen, it goes all the way up to belly button but only on the left side. I even broke out my doppler to make sure I wasn't trying to miscarry and that the baby still had a hb. He did. But with complete previa, I am concerned. Im also concerned about it being placental abruption. I have no bleeding.

I don't want to take another trip to the ER and have them tell me it's a bad bad case of RLP again. I don't want that embarrassment nor do I want to waste the ER docs time.

I do know that it's not constipation, because Im like clockwork in that area. It can't be a UTI because I just finished one antibiotic and am still working on finishing the other one. I dont ever remember RLP actually hurting this bad. I do remember it causing discomfort and then subsiding shortly thereafter. But nothing like this...where it sticks around or causes severe pain like this.

Any ideas anyone? Is this just 'growing pains' or something serious? Would you go in and take the risk that they tell you it's just RLP???
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