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May 16th, 2008, 12:46 AM
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The NHS (national health service) ere in the UK. My DF had mentioned about health care service in the US but we didnt really know much about it. I sort of get the gist of things by reading your posts.
I think I sometimes take for granted how lucky we are in the UK to get a free health service. Dont get me wrong its not all roses and butterflies, theres still things that go wrong and ridiculous waiting lists but we dont have to have insurance for it. It must be really frustrating for a lot of you. Ive had lots of bloodwork done for hormones and Ive needed an MRI, there hasnt been any hassle about getting it done and I am greatful for that. Although the fact that its free you do get people that completly abuse the system as with all things. Quick question, from reading everyones posts I understand you need insurance for most health care but why do some insurances cover some things and some dont? does that depend on the job the insurance is for? and do you know what your insurance covers wen you get it?
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