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May 16th, 2008, 05:57 AM
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The things that insurance covers varies because employers can choose what plans are offered to thtier employees...... the more things that are covered the higher the employer cost.... also things like IUI and IVF are considered elective here, meaning it's not a life or health saving measure. some states here have laws that mandate coverage, for example, I live in New Jersey, the state law here requires that employers with more than 150 employees cover reproductive medicine including IVF.

When you get insurance from your job they will tend to give you a very thick book that lists all that they cover (or how much of it they will) as well as what dr.s you can go to with them (these Dr.s take a discounted rate to accept that particular insurance).

it gets pretty confusing at times.... but once you figure it out with your individual plan it gets a bit easier

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