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May 16th, 2008, 06:32 AM
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It really varies. DH is in the Army National Guard, it's being in the military yet not. He works for a regular job during the week but one weekend a month and two weeks a year he's got Army drills. He's now deployed so is considered active duty Army, so we qualify for military insurance.

With his civilian insurance they covered jack. They would fight us on EVERYTHING! I'm still fighting them to pay for stuff that happened last July/August. They wouldn't even pay for me to see an OB when my Dr wanted me to get an U/S because of ovulation pains I was having. So last year with all the struggling to get our BFP I couldn't do anything about it.

DH deployed in January so we are now on the military insurance. I didn't think they'd cover seeing an RE. I was talking to a friend who is active Army and she said they will pay for it if it's coded the right way. So I saw my primary and he did the referral. The Dr I will be seeing is covered by my insurance under "OB" but they are showing him listed at the address the fertility clinic is at. It was pretty easy to get into him. I was restricted to Fridays in May or anytime after June 1, but I think the person making the apt was confused and just did it for Fridays, which is ok with me. I'm just glad to get in there and see what the heck is going on.

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