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May 16th, 2008, 03:22 PM
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Hi ladies I was wondering,

I have 8 kids 1,2,3,4 are fully vaxed with the Sched. #5 has had 2 month shots at about 6 months and no more he spiked a fever and freaked me out 6,7 and 8 have never had vax and are 4yrs 2yrs and 7 months now.

I chose not to continue to vax after reading and seeing documentries about the dangers. Then my cus had a premature baby and DR REFUSED to vax him till he got older...ok That really tipped me off! They said he was to small/weak and that made me realise that the vax is not safe if a premee cant handle it. That suggests it can be very reactive.[/b]
That is fantastic that doctor did that! I would 100% agree with that doctor. ((Looks outside to see if there is a natural disaster coming?))

Then I thought wait they plan to delay him but all the stuff I read and heard dr/nurses tell me was how IMPORTANT to NOT delay and do it on the time sched.[/b]
That's more normal ~ LOL! The medical field truly thinks all babies (regardless of their ability to handle it) should get the shots.

On the other hand I am worried for my DD's not being vaxed against rubella and boys against mumps for there future kids/fertility[/b]
I really do understand feeling like the shots might be the best thing because of the concerns you listed. (So many parents are exactly at that point in the game. It can feel overwhelming with the amount of misinformation out there about these diseases.)

You may already know many of what I'm going to say so I hope it doesn't come off condescending in any way ~ please believe me I just hope if not you, someone else will read this and have a better understanding of what the issue is.

Many people believe with the combined MMR, that it doesn't "immunize" against all the diseases. Although the medical profession truly believes that any person can handle up to 100 diseases in one shot, there is growing evidence that the body does not. That's why there are some of us that will ask the shots be seperated. So instead of getting the three at once, spreading it out shot by shot will help (some) bodies become better "immunized." (BTW, if you notice, I like use quotations around the word immunized because I don't really feel it's a proper term but that's a debate all in itself.)

So about the infertity with rubella.. Many people believe that if a child does get rubella naturally that is better than having the vaccination. This is because natural immunity is the body proper response to the disease. With a shot, it's an artifical way of "immunization" but doesn't retain it's "strength" because it's unnatural. That leaves the body to open to exposure over and over again instead of just allowing the natural process of the disease to manifest. Rubella isn't the bad and is a mild in most cases. To me, that's why children shouldn't even get this shot. If they just got it naturally, the body would cope with it properly. The chances of something terrible happening is extremely low. Rubella is more serious in adults.. so why not just get the shots then? If a person gets it naturally as a child, the complications as an adult aren't even a concern. By being an unvaccinated adult, a person may already had the disease and may not even require that shot. (For more to see how mild this disease is, click here for Disease of the Week archive, rubella by Fruit of my womb. For mumps, click here. If you see that the chances of a child having extreme complications, like infertility, are so low and rare then compare that to the chances of complications from a vaccination, I think you'll feel confident in your decision not to get the shot.

I am pondering vax for MMR and was wondering if pple delay how late do they wait? I was also thinking that as young adults they can chose to vax themselves?[/b]
You can delay until two or until they are young adults ~ it's really your decision. If I were to do that to my daughter, I would wait as long as I could.. maybe until she was a teen. I personally see children under the age of five too young but I know others would feel differently. I know it's a hard decision so I wish you luck in deciding.

to the choosing not to vaccinate area. I hope we can help answer your questions.

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