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May 16th, 2008, 03:47 PM
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Thank you so much for your reply it was very helpful, I read the stickies last night after I posted and feel sick as does dh!
I always had a nagging thought since I had my first about the concentration of the shots and how they jam so much in a such a tight time frame and the impact on the babies body. I mean really its commen sense to see it cant be healthy.

When we had our now 18 and 16 yr ds and dd *done* they were still doing the live oral polio and we had so many safety precautions for us * the parents* Of course dd power puked her dose up seconds after they shoved it down her throat on a plastic spoon and they didnt seam bothered.I asked if she just vomited it up right away how is that she acually got the full meausure .They said dont worry she got it..stupid huh!

One other thing was a little alarming DH had a cortizone shot in his shoulder and he was NOT allowed to change her diapers and have any contact with her eliminataions for 2 to 3 weeks! They said he can contract Polio since his immune system was comprimised from his cortizone shot. So his vac was totally useless! Shouldnt the polio vac*protected* DH from the ill effects regardless? Makes one wonder.

I was always under the understanding that one was never fully immune with vacs but had a better chance to survive with out ill effects had they ever contracted the viris.

I will play it by ear as the become teens.

I live in BC Canada and we are not forced to vac before school.The education system does not even know who is and who isnt vaced here its never asked.

Thanks again for your speedy reply!

Oh and Gardisal is 100% out the question !! I wont allow my kids to be thier test group for reasearch! It has not been in my books tested long enough on humans.
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