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December 8th, 2005, 05:40 PM
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I've had 3 "undocumented" miscarriages this year, so I think they're just kind of blowing me off. I called because I want to get a beta done to make sure my numbers are doubling and to make sure my progesterone is right, but the stupid nurse just blew me off, saying they do all that at the 6 week appointment. Um...I told her that my m/c's were at 5w3d, and two of them at 4w4d, so if something was wrong, I probably wouldn't make it to 6 weeks. She was unrelenting though, so I just made my appointment. I talked to a friend online that said they should be treating me as high risk because of the previous m/c's and she said to call back and demand a beta. I called back and left a message. A nurse called me back and actually understood and said she'd talk to the doctor in the morning and call me back. Well, another nurse called me in the morning, and I told her my story, and she said she'd have a lab slip waiting up front for me. So I went in a few hours later and asked for my slip. They said they weren't going to give me one! What the heck? They said they'd change my appointment to 4w6d from 6w6d. I told them though that if I am going to m/c, it'll happen before then, and then we'll never know why. I wanted to crawl over the desk and yell at them! I almost broke down crying. The nurse went back and talked to the doctor and came back like 2 minutes later with my slip.

What has your experience been being pg after early m/c's?
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