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May 16th, 2008, 10:42 PM
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I decided recently, after much thought, that I wanted a waterbirth. Because the nearest Birthing Center (that allows waterbirths) is pretty strict on goofy rules, I decided I wanted to do it at home, with a MW.

I am sort of new to the whole home birthing idea, and I know MW's are hard to find around here...
I have my doula (yes, we're still going to use her as well) finding info for me, because she knows of a few MW's around. Long story short-- She said something about switching my doctor to this other guy, because he'll be my backup?

My first question is: Will I be paying a doctor, and a MW too??

Wont I see my MW, just like I would a doctor?
Do MW's often let you pay in incriments? (silly question, but I have no idea!!)

Any other information you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!! I can't even think of questions, because it's pretty new to me!
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