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May 17th, 2008, 05:26 AM
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Congratulations!! You are going to just LOVE the experience.

Well about your questions, you should just be paying for your midwife. She should be able to perform what's necessary and any pre-natal visit. You should only need to be registered at your hospital for "just in case." You can meet the doctors who *might* deliver your baby but you shouldn't need to have exams with every single one or anything like that.

There are plenty of midwives that let you pay them in payments but MOST require the full amount by some set deadline, like 36 weeks, or by your birth or whatnot. They can be VERY expensive and in a lot of areas they aren't counted on insurance companies, so you pay outta pocket. This is what killed it for us, we could NOT afford my midwives fee, and I am now having to have a hospital birth with our insurance. To say the least the earlier you find the perfect midwife the better!

My advice is to call as many midwives as you can, "interview" them.. You can literally bring a sheet of questions to your initial meeting and just totally drill her for anything you want/need to know. Here's a nice list of some interview questions for you to get some ideas on what to ask:

Choose the one that best suits EXACTLY what you want and believe and the one you find you just plain like better. They're playing a HUGE role in your birth so obviously you'll want to pick the best person you can Also, get your partner as involved as possible. It's an experience for BOTH of you and there is a lot he can do to help.

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