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February 16th, 2005, 12:48 PM
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Thanks for this thread. It is nice to hear that there are other women out there that have men that werenít just so extremely thrilled from the start. Like others, Geoffrey was not mad.
I had been telling him for about almost a week that I was late. He kept telling me I wasnít pregnant, that it would come. He came home one night with wings, and beer, and we ate, and immediately I got sick. I told him I was going to go get a test, and he again said that I was not pregnant. I took 2 tests. The first one, the line was really pale, the second one, the line was dark, but only ĺ of the line showed up. I showed him both of them, and he said he didnít trust them.
I was quite bothered by this, and all night he kept telling me that I was not pregnant. The next day I called and made a free appointment at a womens pregnancy center, and made him go with me. I knew I was pregnant, so I asked the girls to show him and give him the result first. That night we got home and he immediately called his mom, his dad, and all of his brothers and told them. For quite a few days he told me he didnít think that it had sunk it yet.
Now he talks to my belly and all though. He has is really actually quite excited because a month after we found out I was pregnant with our son, he got sent to Iraq. Coming home when our son was 5 weeks old. He is glad to be here this time.
CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!!
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