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May 19th, 2008, 08:22 PM
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You sound exactly like me a few months ago!! I was also induced past 42 weeks with my third son and had a terrible experience, one that I desperately wanted to avoid with my fourth. And by law where I am, I couldn't have a home birth if I went past 42 weeks. So I was really stressing about it. During my last month of pregnancy, I drank a pot of raspberry leaf tea every day, took 4 evening primrose oil capsules a day (I upped it to 6 a day for the last two weeks), kept up with exercise 3 times a week and avoided sugar as much as possible. At 40 weeks + 4 days I was having lots of irregular Braxton Hicks contractions and so I took 1 tbsp of castor oil to "see what happens". I woke up with contractions that night and had my baby the next day. I don't know what to credit with that success; probably mostly the evening primrose oil, but I was determined to do everything I could to encourage my body to do it's thing, and it worked!

Good luck, I hope things work out for you!! And I totally understand you worrying about it already; I worried about it from day one as well!
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