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May 20th, 2008, 09:37 AM
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I don't have my first betas yet.... first draw was yesterday, and 2nd will be Wed, i hope to get yesterday's #'s in today though. What tells me that the rule of "it doesn't matter how dark the line is" is I tested negative at the doctor's office. but that same morning with FMU on a FRER that's when I got the faint line, so the doc was going from those tests (I brought Saturday's test and Monday's test with me and showed her what I was talking about and why I was worried), and that's when she ordered the betas to be done, despite their test being negative. i told her the reason why there was no line on their test but there was on mine, was cause mine was done with FMU. So I'm waiting.

Thank you all for your replies... I am relying on them so heavily right now. I am home alone, DF is at work. He was able to be here with me yesterday which helped tremendously, but last night I had nightmares of bleeding and - well, I won't mention, but needless to say I'm proof positive that no matter how much you try to keep yourself calm, it always comes out in your dreams anyway. I really hope everything is okay, and turns out okay. I will be testing tomorrow morning but I don't have any more FRERs left. It was weird....Monday morning I tested with FMU on both a FRER and an internet cheapie....IC said negative, faint line on FRER, go figure. I will definitely post any news as I have it. I feel more understood and welcome here on this board, and I really appreciate you being here for me. It's a cruel trick, those darned lines and temps. I read in another post that it would be nice if we all had cams on our uterus' all the time..... so so true.

Faint + 5/14/2008, BFP 5/13/2008, darker line on 5/17/2008, stalk my chart!

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