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May 20th, 2008, 04:46 PM
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Hi i've been lurking on here. Just wanted to introduce myself !! My name is Dana and baby #2 is due Dec. 2. Though dh isn't too keen on the idea i've badly want a homebirth. Just recently he caved in and said "okay" but i'm still not sure if he is signed on for it. I am interested in water birth at home. Im not 100% if i'm able to do that because i had B strep and gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. As of now i'm clear of diabetes. My nurse midwife says that she is not sure whether or not i will get it again this time around but i am at risk for it. And also know i'm at risk for having B strep again. Any ladies have any ideas ??? and if anyone is from Georgia and they know any good midwives please pm !!! thank you !!!!!!

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