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February 17th, 2005, 08:50 AM
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Ok how many times do you, think your totally NOT pg, but your DH, or SO, or B/f, whatever think you are?

Although my "periods" have been really waked recently, i don't think I am. I did, but then like the last day of the placeholder pill, I started bleeding normally and REALLY heavy but for only a day, I took the first pill of the new pack and stoped instantly.

I don't eat really good [alot of fast food] so i've gained wieght, but he is insistat, its the baby. The weight i've gained I don't think could even be baby related, as a baby is in your uterus, not your stomach area [boobs to waist].

Since I left my job, as I felt so sick to my stomach at the tought of going to work, my face has cleared up, I don't feel sick, I feel great.

My boobs are still sore, and I do pee alot more than normal. If I was would I have a gut feeling I was? He has a "gut" feeling I am, but I just don't feel it. So I got mad last night, and said "fine if you think I'm pg, go buy me a test and we'll see" Then right before bed, he was like "It will be ++" Ok --- way to help my dreams!! LOL I had a dream I was breastfeeding a little boy [which just fits into all my other dreams about being 18, haha].

If I am PG, great i'd be really happy, but I just don't have the gut feeling. I thought I was when my "period" was bleeding clots --- or something was up --- but I quite bleeding clots and my dr office said n ot to worry since they stopped. Accually it'd be really neat, because i'd be due sometime sept/ oct and I was born in sept, and all my cousins [both sides] are born in sept/Oct except my baby brother [well 14, LOL! hes a january baby ] . So i'd just add to that tradition, hehe

We'll i'm going to test tonight, if he does go and buy a test, hehe, i'll let ya know what it says, LOL! I just had to vent some! LOL!
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