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May 24th, 2008, 02:21 AM
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Hey girls, haven't been around the last couple of days, just thought I'd update you all with why I've been gone. Nothing exciting lol, just getting ready to move (count down 4 days! lol) and dealing with DH and the trucking school. He got accepted! He starts school on the 10th and will be a trucker by the end of July. I'm so proud of him, and I can't wait for that insurance to kick in so we can finally find a doctor that will listen to me. I do have a little confession though, I've been semi-trying to avoid JM. You girls are great, but I have recently not been in the mood to see others with BFP's. Congrats to anyone that did while I am away, you girls deserve them! But it's been a little hard for me to see them. My cycles have always been about 28-34 days long, never longer than exactly two weeks late, and this one was 50 days. I was soo afraid to test, I mainly just wasn't feeling pg, I was just blaming all the stress of moving and dh's school. Yesterday I had made my mind up to test so of course I wake up to the wonderful af. I dunno girls, we are coming up on four years here soon, and I kind of tried to take a break. Drank caffeine when I wanted, didn't worry about bd-ing on the right day, but no matter what I do I can't seem to shake the thought of wanting it so bad. It has been wearing on me more and more lately, so sometimes it is hard to be on here. Anyways, I thought I'd give a quick update and say that even though I am halfway avoiding the site I am still thinking of you all!

P.S. Here are some pics DH took with my new camera. (I attempted to take some but he likes to take it and play with it himself lol. This is "our" park that I have mentioned before.)

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