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May 25th, 2008, 10:53 PM
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Although I still haven't given birth, I am in the same boat as you. This is my first pregnancy and I decided right away that I wanted to do a water birth. My husband was not so sure of it since it's definitely not the "norm" and he seemed a bit iffy at first, he agreed to a home birth with a midwife as long as I get shadow care from a dr.
So far, every appt I have had with the dr has lasted maybe 5 min (not including wait time, of course) and has been verryy impersonal and definitely NOT what I think a birthing experience should be (in my opinion). I have hated the care so far and not because they are doing anything "wrong" it's just not right for me. The midwife I am using is great and spends at least an hour with me at every appt and I can call her with any questions and email her at any time, she is just great!

As for the complications and how I feel about it. I think most midwives would not let you have a home birth if at ANY time you show major complications throughout the pregnancy. My midwife will only assist you if you are having a normal, low-risk pregnancy. As for complications that can happen during labor...midwives are trained to deal with MOST common complications (breech birth,cord around neck,hem.,etc) but it is always good to ask your midwife what complications she has dealt with and how she deals with them (what methods she uses, is she strictly natural or does she use medicine). My midwife will always try the natural method first but will not hesitate to use medicine if the situation arises and if my body is not responding to the herbs or whichever natural method she is using. Most midwives will transport you to a hospital at any time if you so choose or if you/your baby's lives are at risk. My midwife says that the only reason she has ever had to transport to hospital has been at the last minute request of a mother and baby's heart rate was getting low and she was not able to raise it. She did say that those situations have rarely occurred.

Plus, I'm a big believer that the whole stressful hospital environment can be a huge factor in how your labor goes. I mean, stress is not good, especially for the baby!

I dont know if this is much help for you and I'm sorry it is so long (i can't ever seem to type short responses).
if you have any other questions feel free to ask and I will help you with as much as I know

Plus, on a good comforting note, they say that there is no safer place to have your baby than in your own home. Happy, Healthy babies come from home!! (they can come from hospitals too, dont get me wrong haha)

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