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February 17th, 2005, 05:36 PM
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lol. I don't even know what time survior comes on, let alone is over **HEHE** But i'm in NC, so whatever that show is over probably in a hour after that i'll know. I just don't think I am. But then again, I my dreams indicate otherwise ---

I'm accually kinda anxious for him to get her w/ a test! LOL! i'd go and buy one, but I spent my last money taking my DEAR DOG to the vet, to find out its just a tummy ache ::rolles eyes:: but hey -- at least its not cancer or stones [same symptoms as a tummy ache, had stone scare before, but found out stones and poop look the same on Xrays]

Anyways --
I just texted his cell to see if he's still picking up a test.

JEEZ -- for something I don't feel [KWIM?], I'm really excited.
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