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May 26th, 2008, 06:55 PM
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Midwives are trained in NORMAL birth, they will detect variations from normal and will know that "something is up".[/b]
This is what I feel is so important for us to remember. Midwives are usually able to detect before the birth if something is wrong with baby or mama and either deal with it or transfer care. Even if they discover it during labor they usually have enough time to transfer (especially with first births, since labor is usually longer). And if the problem arises after birth there is always 911.

I plan to have my first child at home in August. I rather not have to go through a less than ideal or even traumatic birth experience the first time around just to prove to naysayers that my body is capable of giving birth. I have know since before we began ttc that a homebirth is what I want.

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