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December 13th, 2005, 02:26 PM
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I am new to this board and am looking for any kind of help. I miscarried on Oct 23rd and got what I believed was a AF on Nov 29th. It wasnt normal didnt think it would be, but on Nov 11th I went to the dr and he told me my levels were back to 0. I stopped have any kind of pg symptoms a while back and before I even got my AF I started up having pg symptons again. I still have them and I emailed my midwife who told me she didnt think I was pg she thought it was my hormones still. Its been 51 days since the m.c and I dont know if I should take a test or wait it out and assume its my hormones still. Someone said it could be the AF I thought was some post bleeding but like I said I was back to 0 on Nov 11th so I dont see how it could be that. I am peeing a lot more and have been before AF showed. I have had cm for a while now my bbs hurt so do my nipplers. I heard a lot of females say they lost all of their symptons a wk after their m.c. What I want to know is if anyone felt like this so long after their m.c got an AF but still felt like this and was told it was still their hormones even if your levels were back to 0. I dont know if I should test or go with what my midwife said and just wait until next month to see if I get my AF. This was my first m.c I was 6 wks along it was a natural m.c and I was told we could ttc right away without waiting. Thanks for any imput!
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