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December 13th, 2005, 02:44 PM
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We are doing Santa. We did it in my family and when i was a child i remeber that feeling waiting for santa to come it really was magical for me as a child. I think its perfectly healthy to have santa. Santa did exist along time ago there was a man who did deliver presents to kids in a small town on christmas eve he would put a little something in the shoes they left outside there doors. He may not bealive in person but there is always spirit. what we do is we have presents from mommy and daddy then some from santa. I can remember the magic of christmas i had as a child and i wont rob Emily of that. Those were my happiest childhood memories. Also we are keying Jesus into it too. Santa brings the gifts at night to the children of the world just as the 3 kings did for jesus.[/b]
That is very well said!!! I also believe that children, who have amazing imaginations can believe in something so wonderful as a Santa. We do it for the kids. I think the simple things like seeing a childs face on Christmas moring is priceless. Its not like when they do find out that there is no Santa, Easter Bunny, Toothfairy ect that they are so mad that they hold it against you forever. I think you are taking away the spirit of Christmas (or what have you) if you tell a child that no there is no Santa. We do it because it makes the kids excited and it excites us to see their reaction. I feel sorry for the kids that parents deprive them of makebelieve. I think its cruel to tell someone that there isnt a Santa. Besides isnt that what Christmas is all about too. When people think of Christmas...Santa comes to mind. Also I dont think a child really cares that parents bought the presents, they are happy to get something