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May 29th, 2008, 05:26 AM
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Thought it would be fun

Well I went into the Hospital on Saturday the 3rd of september thinking I was in labor, I was only 2cm but they keept me in cause they said I might go quickly since it was my second baby. So I stayed over night and the next day. I walked around the ward for ages trying to get things started. Later on sunday they told me that it was realy buisy so they would keep me overnight again and if I hadn't gone into labor by monday morning check me and maybe induce.

So monday Afternoon about 5 doctors came in to see how far dilated I was, they told me if I wasnt at least 4cm they would send me home. Luckly I was 4cm so they took me to the labor ward. My midwife told me that I could wait and see if things progressed on my own or have my waters broken now, I wanted to wait an hour or so and see how I went. After an hour I still hadn't made any progress so my midwife broke my waters. She told me there was a bulge of water infront of maddys head and that is why I wasn't going into labor properly. She had done a merconium poo so she had to have monitors atached to her head and I had to have a contraction monitor straped to my belly.

So they left me in the room to watch TV untill I was fully dilated. I was ok for a while but the contractions started getting realy intense realy quick. I realy wanted to get up and go pee, but the midwives keept saying I oculdn't move cause of the monitor on me and Madison. Eventualy I got them to let me get up and go, and straight after that I started getting bearing down pains. I didn't want to get back up on the bed I wanted to squat so they let me and after about 15 mins of pushing the midwife told me not to wait for contractions Maddys heart rate was droping and I needed to push her out now. So I pushed about 5 times and she was out.

they took her straight to the resus table checked her out and she was fine. She was borne at 5:56pm Monday 5th September, weighed 9lbs 3oz and was 21 1/2in long.
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