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May 29th, 2008, 07:05 AM
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Sounds like time for a new MW. Keep in mind that what you bring to your birth affects your outcome. Supportive nurturing people all a long the way boost your confidence in your bodies ability to give birth. I switched MWs at 36 weeks in one pregnancy because it became clear that I needed someone different. Standing up for you baby starts now. You are going to face all kinds of people who think they know what's best just because you are a first time mom. You know what you want and anyone who isn't going to support you right now, needs to be out of the picture. This is the time to get yourself relaxed and focused.

Just think, this time next month, you'll be holding your baby girl and telling us all about your wonderful birth experience!

Good luck!

Exactly!! I have a doula now, and she is wonderful. She's VERY open to supporting anything and everything I want, no matter what it is, and that really just makes me give a huge sigh of relief. She knows that I may need help talking to the doctors when the time comes, and she is 100% behind me on my choice to pump exclusively, and she knows what I want for myself and my baby in the hospital environment. I'm VERY pleased about the change from midwife to doula, even though it meant I couldn't get my home birth I'm confident that my hospital birthing experience will be as pleasant as possible.... (I must keep telling myself this anyway )

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