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May 29th, 2008, 09:33 AM
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I wore a dress that is meant to be worn over a bathing suit!

I bought it just for labour and it was perfect! The waist line was just under my bust and the rest flowed away from my body and the really revealing neckline made it super easy to breasfeed!! I felt nicely covered during most of labour and had no garments to remove when I needed to be checked or when it came time to push!!

For me it was more comfortable then my other birth (that I did naked! )[/b]
I was just planning on wearing a sports bra and I was still unsure about what i was going to wear for shorts/pants but I figured whatever it was would have to come off in the water anyways. But, I hate being naked and I am super modest and I know I could not be naked!

But that bathing suit cover up sounds like a great idea...I guess I have more clothes planning to do hehe

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