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May 29th, 2008, 07:16 PM
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I woke up on Monday (5/26) at 5am having contractions about every 10 minutes. I knew this was "it" because the contractions felt very different than the BHs I had been having for months. I tried to stay standing or walking to get them to pick up because I really didnt want them to stop. I was already 5 days overdue and ready to get things moving. I woke up Shea about 8am because I was really just excited that today was going to be the day. (He didnt believe me when I told him today was it). The contractions had started coming about every 7 minutes at this point. I was still feeling good walking around the house and sitting on the birth ball. Whenever I would sit or lay down they would space way out so I walked and walked and walked.

Around 10 I decided to call the midwife and let her know what was going on. She told me to call back in an hour because I still sounded pretty comfortable. Even though the contractions were now about 3-4 minutes apart and lasting about a minute I was able to deal with them just fine. I thought things would be picking up pretty quick but I was wrong. The contractions stayed coming this way as long as I was standing or walking. Whenever I would sit down they would start spacing back out. I knew baby was still high so I started squatting a bunch and using the birth ball. We called MIL/FIL to come and get the girls because I really wanted to concentrate on these contractions. I started leaking what I thought was my fluid so I called the midwife back to let her know. She told me to go ahead and come in and get checked.

When we got there she checked me and I was 3 cm dialated and about 80% effaced. My waters were still intact but she said I was leaking a bunch of cervical mucous. The Friday before I was barely 1 cm dialated and not effaced at all so she was convinced this was it. She sent us to the mall to walk for 2 hours and then told us to come back. Walking at the mall didnt really help much. It was memorial day and everyone was off work and shopping so I felt really tense and uncomfortable walking through the mall with contractions. We went back in 2 hours later at 3 pm and I was dialated to a 4. Slightly discouraging but I figured as much since I was so uncomfortable at the mall. I was GBS positive so I got my first dose of antibiotics and walked around outside. Unfortunately whenever I would sit down my contractions would slow way down so I still had to keep walking. My feet were killing me at this point but Shea and I kept walking. An hour later I was at 5cm. I tried a breastpump to see if I could get the contractions to pickup but nothing was really working so I kept walking and squatting and walking and squatting. At 7pm I got my last dose of antibiotics and we decided to go ahead and break my waters since I was 7cm dialated and getting really tired.

I got in the birth tub afterwards and thats when I finally started having real contractions. These were still spaced a few minutes apart but were hard to deal with. I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom and everyone thought I needed to push but I really needed to go to the bathroom. So up we went. I started screaming for help after a couple of minutes because I could not deal with the contractions on the toilet. We got into the bed and she said I was 8 cm. At this point I was flopping around on the bed like a fish out of water. I had completely lost my focus and what I needed to deal with the contractions. I started screaming for medications and everyone kept telling me to try to push. The midwife said she was moving the rest of my cervix out of the way. I couldnt get ahold of myself long enough to push. I started getting embarassed that I couldnt deal with the contractions anymore. I needed to have a bowel movement and they told me to just go ahead. It was kind of embarassing but I was not going back to the toilet and I knew I needed to go. I had lost all focus now. I was not prepared to deal with contractions this strong. Everyone was just looking at me and there was nothing they could do to help.

Finally the midwife told me that the babys heart rate was dropping from being in the birth canal so long and that I needed to get her out now. My mom grabbed my face and told me to push her out now. So I ended up with my legs being held in the air and I was pushing so hard. I never got that urge to push. So I just pushed everytime I took a breath. They were telling me to wait for a contraction to push but I couldnt even feel when I was having a contraction. It all felt like one really long contraction. Shea kept trying to encourage me by saying he saw her head and it was full of black hair. He kept saying that I was so close. I was screaming so loud and the birth assistant was trying to get me to redirect my energy to pushing but screaming actually made me feel better and I dont think I could have stopped if I wanted to. Shea was suppose to catch her but the midwife soon found her shoulders were stuck and had to maneuver her out. At this point I had quit screaming and was working on pushing. My mom said she was pulling really hard on her and blood was pouring out everywhere. My mom actually lost her balance and my sister had to catch her. Shea said he was starting to cry. I honestly didnt know what was going on because I was working so hard on pushing. When her body finally slid out it was such a relief and thats when I saw how blue she was. I held my arms out but the midwife held on to her and kept rubbing her back and face with a towel to stimulate her to breathe. She let out a little whimper and they were satisfied and handed her to me. She was born at 8:14pm so I really didnt spend that long pushing. (Shea said about 20 minutes.) She was 8 pounds 7 ounces 20 inches long with a 14 inch head. (When her head popped out the midwife said "somebody ate too many pancakes" LOL).

Emme's birth was scary towards the end but Im still glad I had a natural childbirth. I feel I gave her the best start in life that I could. She was so alert all night long (LOL) until the next day and was breastfeeding within the first hour of her life. We went home about 3 hours after she was born and piled into bed. I couldnt stop staring at her she was and is so beautiful. My little Emme Claire.

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