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December 14th, 2005, 11:38 AM
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I agree with the opinion that Santa is more for the parents than the children. Christmas can be as wonderful as we want it to be, with or without Santa (with or without Jesus for that matter).

We include the fact that St. Nicholas was a real man, with a REAL BIG heart and that it is just ONE of the MANY traditions that has formed the Christmas holiday.

I always knew the Santa at the store was just a man dressed up and I never resented knowing that. Christmas was ALWAYS spectacular for me. Ressurrecting a dead guy is not necessary at all.

If you really feel your child(ren) will not be affected by the lie than by all means follow your tradition, but just know that for those of us who always understood the truth, the magic of Christmas was not diminished in ANY way whatsoever.

Yes, the spirit of St. Nick lives on in those of us who carry on the tradition of celebrating the season with acts of giving of gifts, time, money, ourselves, etc.