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June 6th, 2008, 03:35 PM
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I guess I'll break the ice and get it started!

What made your decision for you when you were picking your child's parents? WE just had an instant connection... I just knew in my heart that this was the family that God had intended for my child.

Was there something silly that you noticed and liked? Yes, it is really silly actually! I LOVE tie dye and the father was wearing a tie dye tee shirt in alot of the pictures. Told you it was silly....

Did you pick from more than one set of parents? I was only given two sets to chose from because I was "diagnosed" (I don't think I ever even had it.. It is *gone* now ) With depression and bi polar. None of the adoptive parents wanted to "chance" that. I was a bit irritated about that.. but it's okay because I picked the parents that I know were meant for her.

What was your "criteria" to go by when choosing? I wanted a Christian family... had to be regular attenders and committed to their walk. I wanted someone who was in the state of TX.. but ended up choosing someone from NC. I wanted someone who had other children. And someone who was outgoing.

Did you see pictures of them before you placed your child? Yes. I chose them from a "profile". It is a little book that they put together for the birth parents.

Did you meet them before you paced your child?
I met the mother. The father could not get time off work and had to stay with their son. She was present for the u/s that revealed it was a girl! I met the son and the father at the placement ceremony.... where we handed her over (essentially).

Did they visit you before/after the birth? In the hospital? She visited before the birth and They were the FIRST people I called when she was born. Told them congrats and all the stats. They rushed to TX when she was 48hrs old. They visited for her 6 month finalization and we visited when she was 3 months old. That first year was pretty hard and I wanted to see her as much as I possibly could in fear that her parents would change their mind and not let me see her any longer. Luckily, we are blessed and they are part of the family now..
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