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February 20th, 2005, 06:56 PM
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I was upset with each one of them. I never felt the time was right, but for me, I don't think I could have ever come up with a right time. With #1, he cried because he was so happy. With #2, he cried because he was happy. Lets see, with #1 and #2, I cried out of nerves, and uncertainity. Here I am back in the same boat. I am wondering if I am again. I have had some feeling of being preggo for the last couple of weeks. I took a test last week, but I think it was too early and got a BFN. I should have started today, and nothing so far. I can honsetly say that this is NOT the right time!! We are closing on our house inn 5 days!! I dont know if I am or not. I have Graves Disease and I am starting to have problems again, so I think that may be the cause of the AF being MIA. I dont know, I will have to wait and see.
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