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June 6th, 2008, 09:40 PM
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Don't get discouraged! It is so hard to see our little ones scratch themselves crazy and see them breakout, only for them to clear up by the time the Doc sees them.

I wonder if she is too young for Zyrtec or Atarax? That should help her out with the itchies on bad days. You should ask the Ped about an antihistamine. I can't remember how young Kaleigh was when she was put on one. I really wonder why she would assume it was a contact reaction from pollen if she hasn't ever been tested for allergies!! Also since you say she started with it at 2 months I seriously doubt it would be just pollen.

I would push for an allergist and get an SPT and/or RAST test done. That should give you more info.

I have taken my daughter to a Dermatologist a few times, they never helped the situation. Granted we don't have Ped Derms in my area so it was a regular one. The creams the Derm would give burned my daughter like crazy!

Keep us updated on your little one! Hope she gets some relief soon.

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